CapsUnlock supersedes the locking mechanism of the CapsLock key and thus prevents the accidental turning on of CapsLock. It runs as a little tray application in the taskbar. The user can select an override option, which allows CapsLock to be switched on and off by holding down the left Shift key while pressing CapsLock. Furthermore CapsUnlock also disables the Insert key.


Download CapsUnlock for free! CapsUnlock runs on all Windows operating systems and requires only 11kB disk space.

English: CapsUnlock V1.4 (33 kB) 15 June 2004

French: CapsUnlock V1.4 (33 kB) 15 June 2004


After installing, CapsUnlock resides as an icon in system tray area of the taskbar (next to the clock). You can bring up the menu by right clicking the CapsUnlock icon. You can enable/disable CapsLock, the Insert Key and the CapsLock override function. The menu also allows you to exit CapsUnlock. You can also enable/disable the CapsUnlock function by double clicking on the icon.


Installing is easy, just download the executable, run it and follow the instructions. You can select that CapsLock starts automatically each time you start Windows.

To uninstall, please follow this procedure:
Exit CapsUnlock by right clicking on the icon and select "Exit" from the menu.
Delete the link "CapsUnlock" from your start menu's "Startup" folder.
Go to "C:\Program Files" and delete the folder "CapsUnlock".
This removes everything that CapsUnlock installed.

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