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Internet technologies


If you would like to connect your embedded product to the internet, you require a TCP/IP stack. BrainSystems uses a commercially available, state of the art TCP/IP stack implementation that is very efficient and reliable. We can easily implement this in your embedded product. If required we can also use any other available stack, including freeware GNU stacks.

Embedded servers
Once you have a TCP/IP stack your possibilities are endless, you may want to run some sort of server (Webservers, FTP, Telnet, etc.) or you may want to stream data, audio or video. We have a range of readily available technologies, which we can easily integrate with your product. If you require nonstandard protocols for a specific application, we are able to implement this for you.

With VOIP fast taking over analog telephony, there are many new exciting products to come to the market in the near future. BrainSystems can assist you in selecting the correct technologies and implement SIP or H.323 stacks, audio and video encoding/decoding and associated transport protocols.

  Internet technologies

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