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BrainSystems has a wealth of experience in various electronic engineering and software development disciplines:



  • ARM7 cores
  • TI DSP’s
  • Power PC
  • Analog devices DSP
  • PIC microcontrollers
  • 8051 core
  • MSP430
  • Atmel cores
Embedded microcontrollers



  • Embedded TCP/IP implementations, VOIP
  • Custom designed communication protocols and stacks
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Serial/Parallel
  • RS485



  • Analog and digital systems
  • High speed digital design
  • RF design
  • Data acquisition and measurement
  • MOSFET and IGBT switched systems, high current and high voltage
  • Switchmode power supplies
  • Battery operated systems, including chargers
  • Solar operated and low power systems
  • FPGA design
  • Ultra low production cost systems
  • Sensors and Actors
  • Motion control



  • Electronic circuit simulation
  • Finite element analysis
  • Software algorithm simulations



  • Various Real-Time operating systems
  • Audio processing, including encoding and decoding (MPEG, ACELP, GSM and other)
  • Windows, Macintosh and Linux based applications
  • Safety critical and time critical applications
  • C, C++, C#, Assembler, Java, MFC, .NET
  Embedded software



  • Analysis and improvement (functionality, quality or costefficency) of existing designs
  • Training of staff and customers to work with the new technology
  Analysis and improvement

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