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Signal processing


We live in a digital world, digital signal processing is everywhere. From CD to MP3 players, digital video and TV, HiFi systems, digital cameras, medical imaging etc. At Brainsystems we specialise in integrating DSP algorithms into a range of different products. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about these technologies.

Image processing
There is a huge range of image processing technologies used in today's applications, from JPEG compression over image filtering to image recognition and artificial intelligence.

Audio processing
BrainSystems can integrate various music and and voice algorithms including MP3, AAC and GSM codecs, audio filters, sample rate conversions, noise suppression, silence detection and many more.

Video processing
Digital video is rapidly gaining momentum with terrestrial and internet based Digital TV broadcast opening a whole lot of new possibilities. Think MPEG4 compression, DVB, PVR's, HD-DVD, Blu-ray just to mention a few...




  Digital Signal Processing

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