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There are many different wireless technologies available today that are easily implemented into most embedded devices giving you countless new possiblities for your products.

Wifi allows wireless connectivity to networks such as the internet which relative high speeds.

These are mobile phone technologies, which allow an embedded product to communicate data or voice from any area where there is mobile coverage to anywhere in the world.

Bluetooth is intended as a very low cost cable replacement for peripherals and can communicate over short distances up to 100m. Please also see our low energy bluetooth page.

GPS or Global Positioning System can not only be used to give you exact position, but also very accurate time. It is possible to time synchronize different systems using readily available GPS receivers with an accuracy down to one millisecond.

There are a lot of other wireless technologies available today, like ZigBee, Infrared (IrDA), RFID etc. Please contact us if you would like to explore the options available for your product or to receive more information on any wireless technology.

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